Connecting EUrope and LatinAmerica

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IslaLink is a neutral and independent submarine cable operator since 1999 with an excellent track record in building systems around the Iberian Peninsula and delivering quality services

EulaLink, a spin-off of IslaLink, is owned by IslaLink’s founders and friends, works in connecting the European Union with Latin America.

Eulalink owns 65% of EllaLink, the balance is owned by Telebras, a brazilian carriers’ carrier owned by Brazil’s Government.

EulaLink has been developing the Brazil-Europe Cable since 2011 and the project is now near Financial Closing.

EulaLink works also in reaching Kourou and Cartagena.

Global Traffic Patterns

Today the traffic between submarine cables linking Brazil and the US is 1000 times higher than on the direct route to Europe. With a direct cable, traffic shall reach a new equilibrium.

Source: Telegraphy

Institutional support

  1. May 2010: IslaLink meets Red Clara and ELLA in Spain
  2. May 2011: IslaLink invites Telebras to participate
  3. Jun 2012: IslaLink takes part in Spain’s King visit to Brasilia
  4. Aug 2012: MoU Telebras-IslaLink
  5. Jan 2013: CELAC-EU summit in Chile. Support of 66 countries
  6. Sep 2013: Brazilian delegation visits IslaLink: Madrid Brussels
  7. Oct 2013: Telebras declares IslaLink as partner
  8. Oct 2013: Ibero-American Summit in Panama 35 countries
  9. Jan 2014: Term-Sheet Telebras – IslaLink signed
  10. Feb 2014: Brazil-EU Summit supports the project
  11. Jun 2015: Telebras and EulaLink create ELLALINK
On April 24th 2017 Spain - Brazil jointly announced EllaLink

EllaLink 35% Shareholder - Telebras

Basic facts: Controlled by the Brazilian Government, Telebras deployed and operates a 25.000 km Terrestrial Network. Its Ka and X Band Satellite launched in March’17 will reach 5700 villages and complements the EllaLink project. Telebras owns 35% of EllaLink

April 24th: Brazil and Spain publicly endorse EllaLink

  • Mariano Rajoy – Presidente del Gobierno de España
  • Gilberto Kassab – Ministro da Ciencia, Tecnologia, Inovaçoes e Comunicaçoes de Brasil
  • Aloysio Nunes – Ministro de Relações Exteriores do Brasil
  • Geraldo Alckmin - Governador do Estado de São Paulo

EllaLink is made possible thanks to a real need, plus our joint effort with Brazil’s Government (via Telebras) and the active support of the European Union through Geant, Clara, ESO and the Scientific Community

Supplier Selected - ASN

After 9 months of an intensive competitive bidding process that started with 6 suppliers, later reduced to 3, 2 and finally 1, the Best and Final Offer of ASN was the winner and ASN was selected

Praia Grande Cable Landing Station

Sines Landing Station

EllaLink Key Benefits

  1. Only direct route connecting Europe to Latam
  2. Geographically diversified path
  3. More robust topology (less POFs)
  4. Lowest latency (40% lesser RTD)
  5. Secure connection and guaranteed privacy

E-ELT: The World’s Biggest Eye on the Sky

Contributing to the European Space Observatory

GuyaLink will be possible thanks to a real need of the region and the European Space industry, plus our joint effort with Collectivite Territoriale de Guyane (via SPLANG) and the active support of the European Union and the French Government

Contributing to Europe’s Aerospace Industry

CariLink answers to BELLA-T’s need to close its South American ring, and to the need of many Caribean spanish speaking countries to reach Europe directly and without crossing digitally unsafe territories

Caribe Europe Gateway